Lumen Energy

Partner to building owners and engineering firms

Our mission is to solarize every commercial and industrial facility possible in the U.S. To do this, we’ve developed software that evaluates rooftops, gauges building energy load, identifies building owners and gives them an easy, fast, web-based flow to sign up for solar.

Our early successes have demonstrated that there's a lot of pent up demand for clean energy among C&I facility operators, and we're here to connect it with supply. That's you.

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We're looking for a few good EPC Partners

  • We are not selling leads and will not ask you to buy anything from us. Lumen Energy is a clean energy project developer, and we need good C&I installers.

  • If you're the partner we're looking for, you know your way around system design. HelioScope, ETB, Aurora, Homer, PVSyst — these are your go-to tools of the trade. You know the price and availability of what's on the market right now. You know batteries, building codes, and know what to expect from the local utilities. You're licensed, insured, bonded, and equipped to get jobs done.

How we work

  • We’ll notify you via email when there’s a bidding opportunity. The bid process is simple.

    We'll provide you
    • Site address
    • Site visit date
    • Desired kWh output for first year of operation
    • A not-to-exceed total installed price ($/Watt)

  • You provide us
    • $/Watt turnkey installed price
    • Start date
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Become a Partner

Fill out the questionnaire below to get started. From there, we’ll enter a master agreement. Each project you do with us will be an addendum to the master agreement.

Want to talk to us before filling out the questionnaire? No problem. Schedule a call with Ben Montclair, our Head of Project Operations or send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. In partnership with NREL and Berkeley Lab, we have developed software that scans the commercial and industrial rooftops of the U.S. to identify which ones are good fits for solar. From this, we develop projects with building owners. We're looking for installer partners to fulfill the projects we develop.

  • Yes. WAG bids are not what we're looking for. Nor are we looking for the race-to-the-bottom lowest bids. We're looking for your best offer, informed by your site visit, experience, and local market knowledge. You get a lot of freedom to design the best project that will hit our kWh output target. Use BNEF's Tier 1 panels, reputable inverters and optimizers where warranted, and provide our customer with professionalism and integrity. Bid good projects and you'll get more at-bats.

  • You'll receive bid opportunities via email and respond to them on our bid platform.

  • When you submit a bid, it'll be in $/Watt. We're looking for an all-in price to achieve commercial operation. We'll pay you at milestones along the way, verified by an independent engineer.

  • Bear in mind that we're looking to you to deliver a complete project that's ready for commercial operation. If a new roof is required, bid it in. If the roof is garbage and you believe the opportunity is in parking canopies or ground mount, bid it. Bid well, not just low, because if you're in the business of change-ordering your way to profitability, you're not the partner we're looking for.