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An all-in-one platform to decarbonize your assets

While others in the space lean on consulting, we're revolutionizing with our unique digital-first approach. Lumen Energy's platform streamlines everything, making clean energy adoption for CRE straightforward, efficient, and tech-savvy. We're not just ahead of the curve; we're drawing a new one.

Dive deep with analysis

Scenario analysis

Looking towards the future? Let’s map it out. With our tools, you'll see the impact of every energy choice for you and our world.

Portfolio-wide insights

Multiple buildings? Different asset classes? We'll break down the economics for each one, giving you the full picture.

Tailored energy solutions

Every building is unique. We’ll wade through the options and find the perfect fit.

Data simplified and amplified

Seamless energy data synthesis

Those confusing utility bills? We’ll tidy them up, turn them into insights, and even bring in data from other services if you use them.

Effortless data collection

Bring in data from every corner – tenants, managers, and more – without breaking a sweat.

All your files in one place

Keep everything in one easy-to-find place, digitally. No more digging and endless searching through old emails.

Automating the RFPs and bidding game

Demistifying RFPs

Turning the often complex RFP process into a cakewalk. Transparent and tailored for value.

Competitive RFP overview

Think through the multiple bids you’ll receive as we lay them out, spotlighting the top contenders for you.

Transparent bid leveling

We make sense of all the bids, even when they're all over the place. You’ll know which one really meets your needs.

Software that takes care of you once the electrons start flowing

Consistent care

Setup’s just the beginning. We’re here, ensuring things stay smooth and sustainably efficient.

Real-time system alerts

Think of us as your energy superheroes. If there's an issue, we’re on it.

Billing, made simple

No more messy energy bills and payments. We collect, sort, and make everything clear for you (and your tenants)!

Navigate the end-to-end process through three clear stages: Select, Act, and Shine.

The Lumen ecosystem

Dive into the Lumen Ecosystem – where cutting-edge technology meets seamless integrations, all crafted to propel your clean energy journey.


Industry-grade financials with flexibility

Industry-grade financials with flexibility

Our cash flow models are top-tier, tailored for the energy sector's unique challenges. But we understand every business has its nuances. That's why it's a breeze to layer on additional financial analysis, ensuring you get insights tailored to your needs.


Selling tax credits, simplified

Selling tax credits, simplified

Planning to sell tax credits? We've teamed up with ITC marketplaces to make monetizing those credits straightforward and efficient. It’s the future of green finance, today.


ESG reporting, elevated

ESG reporting, elevated

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, ESG reporting has never been more crucial. We’re proud partners with GRESB. Together, we’re amplifying your ESG reporting, giving you an edge in showcasing your commitment to sustainable practices.


Seamless data integration

Seamless data integration

Your current energy data management process doesn’t need an overhaul. We believe in adapting to your needs, not the other way around. By working hand-in-hand with leading platforms like Conservice and Aquicore, we ensure your energy usage data flows smoothly into our system. It's synergy at its best.

Your data, respected and protected

In the digital era, data is invaluable. At Lumen Energy, we truly understand its worth. Not just in numbers, but in the trust you place in us by sharing it.

Utmost privacy

Your data remains yours. We ensure it stays private, never sharing or selling to third parties. It's a principle we uphold, no exceptions.

Robust protection

Leveraging advanced encryption and cybersecurity protocols, we've built a digital fortress around your data. Our commitment to security means continually evolving our defenses against ever-emerging threats.

Transparency in every action

We’re all about clarity. Our policies and practices are crafted to be transparent, giving you full visibility into how we handle your data.

Ready for the sun to fund your ESG strategy?