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It's time for the sun to fund a cleaner tomorrow

We're committed to reshaping the future of energy for commercial real estate. With us, you're not boxed into a single solution. Whether you're exploring solar, battery storage, EV chargers, our sophisticated software and expert team are here to guide you towards the optimal path for each property.

Precision capital allocation

Embracing a wide spectrum of clean energy solutions allows for unparalleled customization and efficiency. Be it solar, batteries, EV chargers, or emerging technologies, our software and professionals will collaborate with you, ensuring you're harnessing the best solutions for your assets, tailored to your unique needs. Navigate the end-to-end process through three clear stages: Select, Act, and Shine.


Unbiased results, precise solutions

Lumen Energy uniquely fuses data on buildings, roofs, utility tariffs, incentives, equipment prices, and energy markets with finance to reveal the highest value path for each property. Our software leverages an NPV optimal curve to pinpoint the best fit for every building based on your goals, giving you a comprehensive, unbiased overview.

Effortless energy data integration
Whether it's integrating with third-party energy management services like Aquicore or Conservice, processing intricate PDF bills, or connecting directly with your utility, we ensure swift, secure, and hassle-free data consolidation and interpretation.
Scenarios: Your future, analyzed
Our advanced scenario analysis allows stakeholders to analyze energy solutions, understand potential outcomes, and measure the environmental impact, ensuring that decisions made today pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Leveraging marketplace dynamics for effortless bid optimization

Source and select the right partners for your clean energy construction projects. From automating the RFP process, to leveling bids, to ensuring you achieve the best terms and conditions, our platform ensures a transparent, competitive, and effective bidding process.

Competitive RFP process
A competitive RFP process isn't just about fielding multiple bids; it's about understanding the true value of each proposal. With Lumen Energy, you gain unparalleled clarity on the pricing landscape, ensuring you're not just getting multiple quotes but a genuine understanding of the market’s dynamics and your project's potential value.
Unparalleled bid comparisons
With us, you're not just comparing numbers, you're accessing insights sharpened by real market data, guaranteeing alignment with your project's scope, financial objectives, and broader vision. Unique to our software, the financial models powering our estimates are refined using data from actual bids received. This ensures an unmatched precision in forecasting your project's ROI. 

Seamless clean energy management

Beyond the initial setup, Lumen Energy stands by the enduring performance of your clean energy systems. Our management suite integrates seamlessly with platforms such as EnergyStar Portfolio Manager and monitors key metrics, including revenue earned and CO₂ reductions. With Lumen Energy, you're not merely adopting clean energy but stepping into an era of streamlined, transparent, and insightful energy oversight.

Automated system monitoring
Our state-of-the-art monitoring system meticulously scans for any abnormalities in your energy setup. Whether it's a panel going offline or routine maintenance needed, you're always in the know.
Centralized billing solution
Navigate the complexities of energy billing and payments with ease. Our platform collates, interprets, and processes all energy-related financial transactions, providing you with a clear and concise overview, eliminating the need to juggle multiple billing and payment sources.
ESG is redefining what it means to thrive in real estate. We chose to lead. Lumen’s platform powers our new renewable energy vertical.

Bob Morse

Chairman, Bridge Investment Group

Adaptable financing solutions

Financing is as individual as the projects themselves. Whether you're looking to self-finance, explore financed offers, delve into CPACE loans, or any other financial avenue, Lumen Energy is here to help you construct a deal that aligns with your vision and financial landscape.

Partner-financed AutoPPA™

Opt for our partner-financed offers with no upfront costs to unlock immediate savings, and increase the value of your assets while reducing operating expenses.


Precisely discover the NPV-optimal system for every property, capture tax credits, and deploy capital into compelling IRR projects.

CPACE loans

Finance energy-focused projects through property tax bills and lead the way in enhancing your facilities without bearing high upfront costs.

The Lumen Commitment

Chart a course to the future with Lumen Energy. Let's co-create a world where your choices pave the way for both sustainability and profitability.