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Transform your asset, lead with purpose

Achieve sustainability goals and set the gold standard in CRE

You know your business. We power it with clean energy.

In a world full of choices, cutting through the noise is tough. You know every corner of your property, the pulse of your tenants, and the vision you're chasing. Let’s infuse this vision with the transformative power of clean energy.

Easy energy data collection

Simplify the complex task of collecting energy data, whether it's from your facilities managers, tenants, or other stakeholders.

Precision-powered cash flow modeling

Translate financial parameters into automated cash flow models. Power through thousands of simulations to evaluate your clean energy projects with the same rigor as potential property acquisitions.

Digital RFPs and bid analysis

RFPs, vendor vetting, bid leveling, and bid evaluation – it’s all an effortless, automated process. With financial models that evolve based on real bid data, we provide unmatched precision in predicting the best long-term deals for you.

Organized workflow management

Say goodbye to scattered files and endlessly searching emails for next steps. Have all your essential documents and tasks neatly organized in one place.

Maintenance and automated alerts

Once your system is live, our team ensures it runs smoothly with automated alerts in case any system needs attention.

Efficient tenant billing

An organized system to manage and track tenant energy usage and billing making sure you earn the revenue you expect.

The clean energy advantage for CRE owners

As a building owner, you're uniquely poised to harness the sun's energy. Here's why transitioning to solar isn't just an eco-move – it's a smart business strategy.

Asset value increase

Solar installations can enhance a property's value. It can also translate into higher rent rates, especially if tenants' utility costs are reduced due to the use of solar and batteries.

Tenant demand

As awareness of climate change grows, many tenants prioritize eco-friendly buildings. A solar-powered building can be more attractive to potential tenants, ensuring higher occupancy rates.

Energy independence

Solar installations can help reduce a building's dependence on grid electricity, shielding the owner from fluctuating energy prices and potential blackouts.

Ready for the sun to fund your CRE strategy?

Your goals, your choice.

Recognizing that every CRE stakeholder has a unique financial landscape, we offer flexible financing options. This ensures that the transition to clean energy isn't just sustainable but also financially feasible and rewarding.

Amplify your ESG strategy with our partners

As a building owner, championing a robust ESG strategy sets you apart. With GRESB and ULI by your side through our partnerships, your sustainability ambitions become actionable milestones.