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Elevate your space with sustainable power

Your decision as a tenant plays a pivotal role in realizing truly sustainable buildings.

Clean energy: A business imperative for tenants

While sustainability is a collective responsibility, as tenants in commercial real estate, harnessing clean energy brings distinct advantages

Reduced operational costs

Decrease your long-term expenses by tapping into solar and battery power.

GRESB partnership: Your ESG advantage

We partner with GRESB to not only boost your ESG credentials but also provide you with enhanced ESG reporting. This alignment offers a competitive edge, fostering investor trust and market distinction.

Precision-powered cash flow modeling

Be recognized as a brand that not only talks about sustainability but acts on it by utilizing green energy sources.

Effortless energy data collection

Simplify the complex task of collecting energy data, whether it's from your building owner or other stakeholders.

Negotiate with confidence

Access resources to negotiate site leases with a clear understanding of your energy profile and requirements.

Stress-free maintenance

Once you're integrated into our system, we oversee its smooth functioning and regular upkeep.

Software designed with tenants in mind

As CRE tenants, your needs are specific. That's why we've crafted tools that cater to you.

Amplify your ESG strategy with our partners

As a building tenant, championing a robust ESG strategy sets you apart. With GRESB and ULI by your side through our partnerships, your sustainability ambitions become actionable milestones.

Ready for the sun to fund your ESG strategy?