Net Zero

There’s a clean energy fortune hiding in your buildings. We help you find it.

Lights. Action.
Profitable Decarbonization.

Your investors and tenants now expect climate action. Strategy sessions, dashboards, and consultant reports aren’t going to get you there. Our software quickly evaluates all of your buildings, then enables you to rapidly finance, deploy and bill for solar and other profitable clean energy technologies wherever their IRR shines.

The best firms choose Lumen

Lumen Energy unlocks a new asset class of climate-positive cash flows.

Discover your hidden revenue streams.

  • Select

    Analyze all your properties at once to develop a profitable net zero strategy.

  • Act

    From bidding through construction, all the tools to successfully manage multiple projects at once.

  • Shine

    On-going monitoring and billing to ensure you hit your sustainability and investment goals.

ESG is redefining what it means to thrive in real estate. We chose to lead. Lumen’s platform powers our new renewable energy vertical.

Bob Morse
Chairman, Bridge Investment Group

We decode every
building's energy DNA.

We worked closely with top scientists at US National Labs who combed through the energy data of millions of buildings nationwide, so we can profile yours. Lumen Energy’s software fuses supercomputer outputs with a sea of ever-changing energy market data and investment-grade financial models. All so you can flip the switch on your buildings’ hidden revenue streams.

We get the quotes.

You crown the winner.

The nation’s top clean energy construction and engineering firms are ready to bid on your projects. With a streamlined, online process, we eliminate guesswork and get actionable bids for your projects, quickly. We dramatically reduce project costs by delivering fully designed opportunities directly to installers.


Your team of net-zero heroes.

Capturing the sun is now good business. Yet taking action used to be maddeningly complicated. Lumen Energy makes it simple. The Lumen Energy platform enables diverse teams to bypass the indecision that often zaps progress. Now everyone from sustainability, to facilities, to finance can together deliver outcomes that wow your investors.

Exceptional investors share our vision

It’s time for the sun to fund payroll.

Instead of talking sustainability to death, Lumen Energy helps you monetize it. We deliver a precise strategy for all of your buildings, and partner with you through execution. Is it time to unlock your net-zero profits?