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Solar can now be a moneymaker, but historically it’s been maddeningly difficult to work out the economics. That all changes with Lumen. Get immediate, actionable underwriting from powerful financial models powered by reams of data.

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One investment-grade financial model puts you in control. Consistently compare returns for all transaction types, from cash purchase to loans to PPAs to community solar.

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Download solar XLS models for any property—always powered by the latest market, incentive and utility data.

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Refine estimates with your energy and property data using simple, shareable workflows.

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Tap into a nationwide network of solar providers. Pre-qualified bidders compete on your terms in one consistent financial model.

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Make the most of your solar assets, from performance diagnostics to solar revenue accounting to GRESB reporting.

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Battling stale solar proposals and consulting reports? We’re tracking your roof space, estimated energy consumption, utility tariffs, eligible tax credits, solar hardware and installation costs—in real time. For every property, simply download your investment report and financial model to get stakeholder approval.

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Lumen Energy is conducting solar feasibility studies of Nuveen Real Estate’s entire U.S. portfolio, a diverse collection of more than 1,500 properties across geographies and building types. Lumen’s unique technology allows us to meet our portfolio-wide feasibility goal well ahead of schedule. More important, Lumen will hand our PM teams actionable solar financing offers for every viable asset, empowering them to deploy on-site clean energy at scale.

Brittany Ryan

Head of Sustainability,
Americas at Nuveen Real Estate

Lumen is our trusted clean energy partner. What sets Lumen apart is a singular focus on optimizing value for the building owner. And critically for us, Lumen is agnostic to capital structure – if we want to self-finance, take on CPACE debt, or get third party PPAs – Lumen’s platform allows us to advance our clean energy strategy with speed and confidence.

Adam Slakman

Vice President, Global ESG at Hines

ESG is redefining what it means to thrive in real estate. We chose to lead. Lumen’s platform powers our new renewable energy vertical.

Robert Morse

Executive Chairman of Bridge Investment Group

We know solar can be accretive to a growing number of properties as a clean energy solution. We were very pleased to discover a way to quickly install solar on qualified multifamily properties and see immediate savings both in our property management costs and for our residents' utility bills — all for $0 CapEx.

Rachel Diller

Senior Managing Director,
Acquisitions and Co-Chief
Investment Officer for Bridge
Workforce & Affordable Housing

Net-zero heroes:
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Estimated Energy Baselines

Instant energy and CO2 emissions estimates for every property – accounting for building age, climate zone, and use case – based on our data partnerships with U.S. National Labs.

24/7 CO2 Emissions Tracking

Our solar systems provide near-real-time monitoring of clean energy production and CO2 emissions relative to your local grid, based on data from US EPA.

Energy Data Collection

Systemically verify energy consumption history from tenants, utilities or third party service providers with integrated tooling and workflows.

GRESB & EnergyStar Reporting

We accurately map your data to GRESB, EnergyStar, and other ESG performance standards to streamline your solar reporting.

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