Uncover the clean energy fortune hiding in your buildings

Untangle your ESG journey

Lumen quickly evaluates all of your buildings, then enables you to rapidly finance, deploy and bill for solar and other profitable clean energy technologies wherever their IRR shines.

ESG is redefining what it means to thrive in real estate. We chose to lead.
Lumen’s platform powers our new renewable energy vertical.
Bob Morse
Chairman, Bridge Investment Group
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Equip your team with the right tools

Your investments only make sense if your ESG team can execute. Help your team effortlessly streamline projects with Lumen’s product suite.


Quickly evaluate all of your properties

Stop spending years in spreadsheets. Automatically assess your entire portfolio and advance the best projects in parallel.

Estimated energy profile
Advanced sort and rank by IRR, NOI, asset value, & more
Dynamic solar economic & emissions models

Confidently choose the best plan

Lumen's expert recommendations take the guesswork out of ranking construction proposals. Be sure in your decision to move forward.

Digital blueprint & final designs
Rank by installer experience, price, & responsible supplier policy
Self-finance or finance easily with a Lumen partner

Easily collect new energy revenue

Turn your profits green with new sources of income that are good for the planet... and your portfolio.

Performance management, hourly reporting, & detailed CO2 emissions tracking
A unified bill for utility and clean energy payments
Real-time grid response software

Tap into intel from top-shelf guides

With track records from companies like Stripe and Amazon, our experts know how to mitigate risk.

We considered countless solar proposals over the years, but we knew we had found our match when we met Lumen. They take something hugely complicated, make it simple and actionable, and ultimately help us deliver results.
Lumen is making it easy for us to drive towards a sustainable future.
John Gilmore
Managing Director of Project and Risk Management, Hamilton Zanze

Unlock your profitable net zero potential

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