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Empower CRE with sustainable synergy

In the age of sustainability, staying ahead means infusing every business decision with a touch of green. And in the commercial real estate sector, the importance of this clean energy transition has never been more paramount. As a partner with Lumen Energy, you're not just staying ahead — you're setting the pace.

The Lumen Platform is an all-in-one solution to decarbonize commercial real estate assets. We work with leading partners to deliver quality solutions to CRE customers.

Diversified revenue streams

Amplify your income potential by introducing your customers to a groundbreaking category of decarbonization software.

Expand market reach

Tap into the expansive and growing CRE market focused on clean energy solutions.

Enhanced product and service offerings

Enrich your value proposition by adding our trusted clean energy solutions to your portfolio.

Speed to market

Leverage our established infrastructures and processes to swiftly introduce clean energy offerings to your clientele.

Strengthened brand credibility

Associate with a leader in the clean energy CRE space, bolstering your brand's sustainability credentials.

Continuous learning and innovation

Gain insights into the latest in clean energy and decarbonization, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Join our growing ecosystem of partners


As a ULI Greenprint Innovation partner, Lumen Energy is part of a trusted network of CRE sustainability leaders working to decarbonize the world’s largest asset class.


As a GRESB Premier Partner, Lumen Energy enables users to confidently submit their asset-level performance data directly to GRESB from within Lumen's platform.


If you're already sharing meter-level data with Energy Star for benchmarking purposes, Lumen Energy will automatically pull that data into our software to provide solar savings estimates grounded in your buildings' actual energy consumption pattern


With Lumen Energy, Aquicore customers can effortlessly export interval data to Lumen's platform.

Ready to see the solar potential across your portfolio?

Leading real estate firms are leveraging solar to unlock new NOI, attract the best tenants, and meet investor demands.