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Shaping tomorrow with clean energy

At Lumen Energy, our mission is to unlock the potential of clean energy technologies for millions of buildings. In the modern era, the conversation about our planet is shifting. Amidst a sea of data and dialogue, one thing stands clear: clean energy is crucial, not just for the environment but for the economic fabric of our communities. And at the heart of this transition lies the commercial real estate sector.

The carbon footprint of CRE

Commercial buildings account for about 16% of the U.S.'s greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 30% of energy consumption. It's not just a staggering statistic; it's a call to action for the commercial real estate industry.

The rising cost of energy

Over the past decade, energy costs from traditional utilities have been on a consistent upward trajectory. It's not just an economic challenge, but a strategic one. Adopting clean energy solutions is no longer a luxury – it's becoming a necessity to ensure sustained profitability.

Leadership team

We combine expertise in software, data science, clean energy deployment, real estate, and finance.

Peter Light

Co-founder & CEO

Peter has over 2 decades of experience commercializing breakthrough clean energy technologies industry. At Lumen Energy, Peter is laser-focused on advancing the company's mission and scaling its offerings for the broader benefit of the global energy landscape.

Peter previously led energy programs at Google X, where he founded Tapestry, a moonshot to model the global power grid.  With executive product, and leadership roles. Peter has left an indelible mark on organizations like the Rocky Mountain Institute, Ohmium, and Bloom Energy

Dave Coen

Co-founder & COO

Dave is a product and engineer leader with a diverse background that spans management consulting, investing, and analytics. As the co-founder and COO of Lumen, oversees Engineering, Product and Design. Dave leverages his multifaceted expertise to drive operational excellence and strategic growth for the company.

Dave's foray into the startup ecosystem began at Stripe, where he spearheaded Business Analytics and was instrumental in launching products such as Instant Payouts and Issuing. 

Charlotte Schmidlapp

Head of Project Finance

Charlotte is a seasoned finance professional who has worked at the intersection of finance, energy technology, and infrastructure for over 15 years. Her career showcases a blend of leadership acumen, innovation, and transaction execution. As the Head of Project Finance, Charlotte brings her experience pioneering new financing structures to enable decarbonization at scale.

Charlotte was previously a Vice President of Finance at Stem Inc. (NYSE: STEM), where she led the structured finance team and was responsible for project finance investments, commercial structuring, and asset management.

Supriya Booth

Commercial Lead

Supriya is a dynamic commercial leader with a deep-rooted passion for climate change and a track record of driving transformative business strategies. As Commercial Lead, Supriya is responsible for Lumen’s go-to-market efforts, including Sales, Customer Success, Partnerships and Revenue Ops.

Previously, Supriya was the Americas General Manager at Ouster, a pioneering lidar start-up powering applications from autonomous vehicles to robotics to smart infrastructure. Prior to Ouster, Supriya was VP of Business Development at Flex, a Fortune 500 hardware design & manufacturing company, where she led multi-billion dollar connectivity and consumer technology deals across the U.S., India, China and Brazil. 

Kerri Devine


Kerri is a climate technology leader devoted to a career supporting a quick and equitable clean energy transition. As Head of Engineering, Kerri works cross-functionally to set the technical vision for the Lumen platform and guide the engineering team to execute on that vision.

Kerri joins Lumen Energy via Arcadia, a technology startup connecting consumers, businesses, and innovators to energy data. At Arcadia, Kerri oversaw the expansion of the community solar platform, which managed over 500 solar projects with industry-leading access for low-and-moderate income subscribers.  Prior to Arcadia, Kerri spent 7 years in global R&D for Siemens Smart Infrastructure developing cutting-edge smart building products. Throughout her career, Kerri has championed the need for building diverse and inclusive teams.

The carbon footprint
of CRE

We’re committed to powering our world with clean energy, and we’re looking for others who share our passion. If this sounds exciting, we’d love to meet you.

We’re backed by the best

Lumen Energy isn't just built on cutting-edge tech and passion; it's also backed by industry-leading investors who share our vision for a cleaner, brighter future.

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