We empower commercial building owners to generate new income from clean energy.

We make it simple

Playing a part in a more sustainable future should be easy.

As solar, batteries and energy efficiency improvements become increasingly affordable, the lengthy and confusing process of sizing, selecting, financing, permitting and finally having them installed remains intimidating.

Lumen Energy applies technology and decades of experience to light the path to clean energy and make it a lot less daunting. We do the hard work on behalf of building owners, and are here to help things go right over the long term. Our personalized clean energy systems deliver immediate value to our customers and ensure they’ll continue to profit from their decision to go solar.

Our Team

Energy data is our superpower

We build upon our practical expertise to deploy reliable onsite energy systems for buildings globally. Our core team has built technology products at companies like Google, Stripe Intuit, and Shopify. Our team is global, with roots in San Francisco.

Board members

Our Friends

We don’t have supercomputers, but our friends do. We collaborate with the brightest minds in building energy science at places like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Labs, and Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

When it’s time to build, we partner with the very best installers near you. They know the local building inspectors, fire codes, and execute to permitted designs.

Want to join us? We're hiring.

Where to find us

We're located at the heart of San Fransisco.

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821 Folsom St,
San Francisco,
CA 94107 USA


821 Folsom St,

San Francisco, CA

94107 USA

We're supported by investors from

Lower Carbon Capital
Designer Fund
Ajax Strategies LLC