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Powering forward: Tailored project finance for your energy vision

Embark on your clean energy journey confidently, backed by a financing solution tailored to your needs. Whether you're eyeing third-party financing or wielding your own capital, Lumen Energy is here to simplify the process.

Simplifying clean energy project
finance for CREs

Financing clean energy can be tricky. That's why having a knowledgeable partner like Lumen Energy, who can provide custom solutions attuned to clean energy's unique challenges, is crucial.


Transition to clean energy with our partner-financed power purchase agreements. Take advantage of AutoPPA™ through exclusive partnerships and no upfront costs.


Fuel your clean energy vision with your own capital. Explore the benefits and empowerment of self-financing.

CPACE loans

Leverage the benefits of long-term financing for your green projects with our CPACE loans, made seamless through our dedicated partnership.

Need an alternative? We’re ready!
Every project is unique. If our listed options don’t align with your vision, let's customize a solution together.

Why finance through Lumen Energy?

Lumen Energy isn't just another player in the clean energy space. We simplify the complex. With our insights and integrated solutions, your journey to a cleaner future is clear and straightforward.

Bundled financing

While others leave you to grapple with third-party financiers, we offer bundled solutions, ensuring that the technical and financial aspects of your project move in harmony.

Deep industry insight

Our expertise ensures that the challenges unique to clean energy financing don't become roadblocks on your path.

Versatile solutions

Whether you’re self-financing, exploring PPAs, or curious about alternative financing avenues, we've got you covered.


Why don’t CRE firms just buy offsite renewable power (aka VPPAs)?

You can and you should. Yet these contracts are complex and minimum contract sizes can be prohibitive for a single building. Even CEBA, the alliance of the most sophisticated PPA buyers – Google, Microsoft, etc. – recommends offsite PPAs as only one of many tools:

“Net-zero emissions goals are unachievable without large-scale integration of carbon-free energy services and technologies beyond grid-scale wind and solar.” – CEBA, Oct’22

Also, if you are focused on truly making an impact, adding batteries can help reduce emissions beyond what an offsite VPPA can ever achieve. Deploying profitable clean energy technologies increases your NOI and thereby the real estate asset value. Lumen’s primary value proposition is not to simply check a box for ESG but to increase the dollar value of your real estate. 

Where do you get your data? (eg. addresses, utility spend, cap rates)

Lumen’s software incorporates real estate data from a variety of different sources, including real estate and energy data sets. To refine the numbers, Lumen enables your team to easily gather utility info (spend and usage) for every property, as well as tweak modeling inputs, including cap rates to your CFO’s preference.

How do you go about getting a tenant to commit to purchasing solar?

Typically tenants are excited about solar, given it is a boost to their brand and ESG commitments. If tenants are hesitant, Lumen can help structure commercial agreements that enable tenants to save money on solar energy as compared to local grid prices.

Can you help advise on REIT considerations?

Yes, Lumen can help advise on considerations regarding REITs and other ownership structure.

Ready to see the solar potential across your portfolio?

Leading real estate firms are leveraging solar to unlock new NOI, attract the best tenants, and meet investor demands.