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Become an EPC Partner and get access to vetted, fully funded clean energy projects

We work with large and reputable commercial real estate companies with billions of assets under management to streamline clean energy deployment.


Bid on vetted and fully-funded projects

Focus on what you do best (designing and installing clean energy projects) and worry less about customer acquisition. Our standard and easy-to-follow online bid submission process that reduces overhead while enabling you to differentiate yourself.

“Before Lumen, only 2 out of 10 deals closed. Now, we get vetted, ready-to-go projects which is very valuable to us”

Sunlight Solar



Clear and specific digital RFPs

Well defined project requirements and supporting document provisions to support you in submitting your best possible bid. Plus get active support and feedback on bids, along with guidance on improving win rates.

100–2,000 kW

Typical project size


Projects in pipeline

20 days

Average between RFP close and contract awarded

How it works

Once you’ve signed up as an EPC partner, we’ll notify you when there’s a bidding opportunity.


Fill out a simple formTell us about your skills and service areas so we can match you to projects.


Receive your briefWhen we have projects in your service areas, we’ll provide you a project brief that includes a complete digital design package, customer requirements, and criteria for you to be successful.


When and how will we be notified of new projects?

If there is a new project seeking EPCs services within the states you service, you will receive an email from us with details of this project (please keep an eye out for emails from @lumen.energy). We are continuously working with our commercial real estate customers on projects across the US so if you haven’t received any emails from us about projects in your area, please be patient as we hope to bring projects to you soon. 

What does this cost us?

It costs you nothing to receive notifications or bid on projects with Lumen Energy. We are not selling you leads, and we never will. By signing up to be part of Lumen Energy’s EPC network, you are signing up to be notified when fully financed commercial solar projects (backed by committed project buyers) are seeking bids.

How does the bid process work?

You’ll receive a project info package (via email) with all the relevant information you need to craft a bid, including:

Project details & requirements such as desired system size, kWh production target, hardware requirements, an illustrative system layout design in the form of a HelioScope image, required warranties and other supporting exhibits.
Bid timeline
Bid submission requirements
Bid selection criteria

You will also be invited to conduct a site visit of the property to meet with the onsite team and ask questions. After that, you’ll submit your bid through a standard webform. Typically, you will hear back within 2 weeks after submitting your bid.

How much overlap is there between us and Lumen Energy?

Very little to none. Lumen Energy is not an EPC. Lumen Energy administers the bid solicitation process and will be advising the project buyer in bid selection. The project info packages we share with you will typically specify a target system size and target system production (requirements set by our customers based on their business objectives) but the final design & engineering, permitting, procurement, construction and commissioning will be performed by you. 

Is Lumen Energy a solar developer?

Lumen Energy is a technology company based in San Francisco, CA. Using software and data, we enable real estate asset managers to easily evaluate and deploy solar across portfolios quickly and profitably, with building-level granularity. Some of what Lumen offers overlaps with traditional development, but most of it is leveraging technology to quickly enable owners of large real estate portfolios to solarize assets in a profitable manner. 

Can we have an exclusive relationship with Lumen Energy?

We plan to evaluate the success of our EPC relationships over time and exclusivity may be an option in the future within specific categories, but currently Lumen Energy is focused on growing our EPCs relationships across many markets.

Ready to see the solar potential across your portfolio?

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