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The Lumen Platform

The end-to-end solar solution for commercial real estate

Property-Level Precision.
Portfolio-Wide Scale.

Solar can be a moneymaker, but few real estate owners have been able to execute successful solar programs. That all changes with Lumen. From helping you discover your highest value solar projects, to executing financing and installations, to reporting on your solar successes, Lumen makes it possible for owners & operators to actualize an impactful solar initiative.

Lumen brings solar projects to life in three simple steps.

The Lumen Platform


Feasibility assessments & underwriting

The first step in the solar journey is figuring out where solar makes sense. Lumen’s powerful technology underwrites the solar and battery feasibility for every property in the U.S. Find out how much new NOI solar can unlock at any property, backed by an investment-grade cashflow XLS.



Financing & installations

For projects with compelling economics, tap into Lumen’s marketplace of leading financing partners & 150+ solar EPCs to execute deployments. Whether you want a cash purchase or loan, power purchase agreement or community solar, Lumen delivers apples-to-apples bids – in one consistent financial model – for you to choose from.



Performance management & reporting

Once your solar project is constructed, you can monitor the performance of your solar assets, track data to confidently bill your tenants for solar, and rigorously report on avoided Scope 2 CO2 emissions to GRESB.

Powered by breakthrough technology

Lumen’s software automatically models more than 100 different inputs, from parcel boundaries and hourly load profiles to inverter losses and local incentives, to instantly underwrite solar for your property. Our engineers collaborate with U.S. National Labs, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), to bring you the latest innovations in technology and building data science.


Lumen provides ESG teams a rigorous solar feasibility assessment on every property so they can empower asset management teams to take action on solar.


Lumen makes it easy for development teams to incorporate solar into their plans at any stage in the development cycle.


Lumen helps acquisition teams rapidly gain insight into new NOI potential and estimated CO2 reduction from solar for every acquisition, no matter the property type.

Asset Management & Procurement

Lumen seamlessly delivers competitive EPC bids, PPA & community solar offers so that asset management teams can execute solar projects with confidence.

Portfolio & Fund Management

Lumen guides portfolio and fund management teams in determining the most impactful solar strategy.


Lumen lets operations teams manage their distributed solar assets, track clean energy production and CO2 reduction, and report to GRESB all in one platform.

Finally, solar without the suffering

The Lumen Platform empowers commercial real estate owners to profit from solar and batteries with unmatched confidence and ease.

Ready to see the solar potential across your portfolio?