Lumen Energy Joins ULI Greenprint Innovation Partner Program to Enable Commercial Real Estate Leaders to Profitably Cut Carbon

June 13, 2023
5 min read
Lumen Energy, a pioneer in unlocking profitable ESG initiatives for commercial real estate owners, is proud to announce its addition to Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Greenprint Innovation Partner Program.

Lumen Energy provides an actionable pathway for leading real estate operators like Hines, Bridge Investment Group, and Tishman Speyer to cut carbon and make money across their portfolio. Lumen’s integrated platform enables owners to pinpoint attractive IRRs for solar and other decarbonization measures by property, secure competitive bids from a marketplace, then bill for new revenue streams. Now, as a member of the ULI Greenprint Innovation Partner Program, Lumen will continue to support additional global real estate leaders to advance their sustainability efforts within the industry.

Properties are increasingly valued against a new axis: carbon. The best tenants, the best investors, and persistent regulators now require buildings to drive towards net zero. While some owners respond with one more ESG consulting report, leading operators seek to actually upgrade their properties to become the very best places to work and live. The great news: if done smartly, cutting carbon can now be wildly profitable. Lumen is thrilled to partner with ambitious leaders on their journey to flip ESG into a profit center. We are honored to join ULI’s Greenprint Innovation Partner Program to advance this new paradigm for the largest asset class in the world.

Peter Light, CEO & Co-founder, Lumen Energy

Lumen Energy’s platform instantly evaluates 1,000s of buildings for their optimal clean energy configuration, starting with solar.  Lumen users receive CFO-ready cash flow models personalized to each property, enabling teams to quickly prioritize across geographies and streamline deployment. Winning projects advance through an online marketplace, cutting soft costs, while ensuring teams advance with one source of truth. The Lumen team delivers unique expertise in energy data fusion, structured finance, technology co-optimization, property assessment, and building powerful software that users love.

By joining the ULI Greenprint Innovation Partner Program, Lumen Energy reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and the broader goals of the ULI Greenprint initiative, which include reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability performance across the global property industry.

About Lumen Energy

Lumen Energy was founded to make it possible for millions of buildings to benefit from clean energy technologies that are both profitable and open society’s door to a sustainable future. The company empowers commercial building owners to generate new income from clean energy with precision, speed, and simplicity across their entire portfolios.

About ULI Greenprint Innovation Partner Program

The ULI Greenprint Innovation Partner Program is an exclusive opportunity for technology and service providers to engage with over 120 companies belonging to the ULI Greenprint community in advancing sustainability across their portfolios, and to support the overall Greenprint remit of reducing carbon emissions and increasing building value. The ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance is a research organization focused on climate mitigation and makes the business case for green buildings by tying carbon reductions to increased asset value.The Urban Land Institute is a global, member-driven organization comprising more than 45,000 real estate and urban development professionals dedicated to advancing the Institute’s mission to shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide.

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