Lumen’s Partnership with Bridge Investment Group: 
Bridge Renewable Energy

July 17, 2023
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Developing C&I Renewable Infrastructure at scale: a partnership between industry leaders in commercial real estate and renewable energy

Bridge Investment Group (Bridge) is a leading, multi-strategy, vertically integrated real estate investment manager with over $40B in assets under management. Bridge’s clean energy strategy, Bridge Renewable Energy, launched in partnership with Lumen, facilitates a rapid transition to renewable energy for an entire commercial real estate portfolio. Bridge Renewable Energy offers flexible financing and turn-key project management in an integrated technology platform to help you achieve your energy transition goals.

Get renewable energy with no upfront capital costs when you finance your project with Bridge Renewable Energy

Our technology-enabled renewable energy platform delivers integrated energy solutions for C&I property owners. We manage the complete project life-cycle from initial screening to the design, construction, and long-term operations of the system, all at no cost to the property owner.

A trusted partnership for commercial property owners and their energy transition goals
  • A full suite of solar, energy storage and EV charging solutions
  • Projects can be deployed across the full spectrum of commercial properties including office, industrial, logistic, multi-family, municipal, retail and others
  • Customers can select from a flexible range of power purchase agreements and roof lease structures based on their specific needs and goals
A broad range of technology and product offerings:
A turnkey solution for your portfolio
  • We leverage data analytics, automated processes and flexible contract structures to efficiently screen a portfolio and mobilize on actionable properties — all through the lens of a property owner
  • Our platform is purpose-built to streamline the process for large managers of diversified portfolios allowing you and your property managers to focus on the core business  
  • Once properties are identified, we handle the full life-cycle of the process from initial design, equipment procurement, construction and ultimately, long-term operation of the system
1.  Identify your goals
  • Identify the positive impacts you are trying to achieve for your property, tenants and your investors
  • Bridge can customize solutions to deliver a range of benefits to property owners ranging from immediate savings on electricity costs, enhanced marketing from onsite generation, and other ESG-related initiatives
2.  Assess your property
  • Work with our team to confirm the property can support solar infrastructure including:
a) A viability assessment to see if the geographic location and the utility can support the project
b) A site assessment to confirm the physical condition and age of the property, the type of solutions that can be deployed (roof, carport, etc.), and the aesthetics that the owner will approve
3.  Tailored solutions
  • Bridge will deliver a customized proposal that requires zero upfront capital and best meets your needs  
  • They provide turnkey documentation including a roof lease, power purchase agreement, ancillary service agreements and any required lender consent forms
  • These documents will outline the entire transaction lifecycle from sale of power to long-term operation of the system
4.  Final approval & deployment
  • Once the project is designed by Bridge’s internal development team in connection with our EPC partners, you have final approval for construction to begin
  • Once complete, Bridge will continue to provide turnkey maintenance, system monitoring and consistent communication. You only deal with one party throughout the entire process
Working with the property owner across every stage of the transaction
Flexibility that property owners need to deploy solar at scale

Note: 1. Developer of solar that offers long-term Power Purchase Agreements and operations & maintenance  2. Solar developer that offers sale of solar asset to customer in exchange for a development fee. 3. Long-term owner of solar project  that offers Power Purchase Agreements to customers in cooperation with a development partner

On-site Commercial and Industrial Solar
Community Solar with Commercial Property
Multi-Family Solar
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