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For Acquisitions Teams

Find out instantly if solar can unlock new NOI for your acquisition targets.

Lumen makes it easy.

Lumen makes it easy for acquisitions teams to assess the on-site solar and battery feasibility of any property with just an address. Gain insight into the new NOI potential and CO2 reduction potential from solar for every acquisition.

Get answers for any property nationwide

When you’re deciding what properties to purchase, you need accurate information fast. Lumen can get you a comprehensive solar feasibility assessment for any property in the United States in <48 hours. Our reports are always backed by a rigorous cash flow model that you can download in XLS.

Assessments that never go stale

Have you conducted a solar feasibility assessment, only to find that the market changed beneath your feet? Our solar feasibility assessments are live in software – automatically pulling in current energy consumption estimates, utility tariffs, tax incentives and more – which means that you never have to worry about getting outdated information. Whether you access your feasibility reports today, tomorrow, or three months from now, you can be sure your solar assessments are up-to-date.

Empower your Asset Management teams to execute

Lumen’s solar feasibility assessments include a side-by-side comparison of financing options unique to every property, from cash and loans to PPA and community solar. When your asset management or property management teams are ready to move forward, they can tap into Lumen’s marketplace of solar financing providers and 150+ vetted solar installers to execute financing and installations nationwide.

Easy. Rigorous. Consistent.

Gain insight into new NOI potential for every property.

Preliminary solar feasibility assessments in < 48 hours

Downloadable cash flow XLS models to support your underwriting

Competitive financing offers and installation bids in all 50 states

Lumen is our trusted clean energy partner. What sets Lumen apart is a singular focus on optimizing value for the building owner. And critically for us, Lumen is agnostic to capital structure – if we want to self-finance, take on CPACE debt, or get third party PPAs – Lumen’s platform allows us to advance our clean energy strategy with speed and confidence.

Adam Slakman

Vice President, Global ESG at Hines

Finally, solar without the suffering.