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Solar Feasibility & Underwriting

Industry-leading evaluations powered
by the latest market data

Lumen evaluates solar projects in three phases.

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Preliminary Feasibility

With only an address, Lumen’s technology automatically estimates the solar & battery feasibility of your property. We consider your property’s available roof square footage, estimated energy consumption (via our partnership with U.S. National Labs), predicted utility tariff, applicable incentives and more to determine: what are the economics of a solar project at this property?

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Property Qualification

For the properties that make financial sense, Lumen partners with your teams to qualify those properties further. Our software tooling & workflows allow you to input your property data (e.g. roof age, metering set up), historical energy use, and other considerations like asset hold period to ensure that the project is both economically and operationally viable for solar.

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Investment-Grade Underwriting

Finally, once a property is qualified, our team of experts arranges site walks from local solar engineering, procurement and construction firms (EPCs), refines our cost estimates and underwriting, and incorporates local policy research to deliver an optimized solar design (HelioScope) and investment-grade cashflow XLS you can take to your investment committee.

Feasibility assessments at your fingertips.

Lumen’s unique technology can run an automated analysis of the solar and battery feasibility of any property in the U.S. Let us deal with all the data—parcel and geospatial data, LIDAR roof area, building details, energy load profiles, utility tariffs, equipment costs, tax incentives and governmental policies—so you can simply answer the question: Does solar make sense on this property?

Pro formas in under 5 days for any property nationwide

When you need to know, you need to know! Whether your tenant is knocking on the door for solar, or you have an investor mandate, Lumen can get you a comprehensive solar feasibility assessment for any property in fewer than 5 days. Our reports are always backed by a rigorous cash flow model that you can download in XLS.

Assessments that never go stale

Have you conducted a solar feasibility assessment, only to find that the market changed beneath your feet? Lumen is here to help. Our solar feasibility assessments are live in software – always pulling in the latest market data, from energy consumption estimates and utility tariffs to tax incentives and policy. Whether you access your report today, tomorrow, or three months from now, you can be sure your solar assessments are up-to-date.

System sizes & designs that maximize your economics

Lumen takes a unique approach. Unlike solar developers who are incentivized to simply “fill your roof” with solar – Lumen automatically models the NPV-optimal system size based on the energy profile of your property , saving you from spending unnecessary capex on a larger system than you need.

Effortless property qualification & energy data collection

Our software tooling allows you to easily gather relevant information – like roof age, metering set up and historical energy use – from your property teams, tenants and other stakeholders. We’re also experienced in collecting historical energy data directly from tenants, utilities, and third-party service providers, including Conservice, Engie, and Aquicore.

Access to decades of solar and project finance expertise

Lumen partners with you every step of the way. Our team brings decades of combined experience in clean energy, project finance, and real estate to every solar project. From Bloom Energy to SunPower, Arcadia to Stem, Google X to Snapdocs, we’re delighted to bring our experiences to bear in deploying solar for commercial real estate.

Once you complete Select Phases 1-3, you’re ready to move from spreadsheets to screwdrivers.

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