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For Development Teams

Check the box on solar + batteries with unmatched ease.

Lumen makes it easy.

Lumen makes it easy for development teams to incorporate solar into their plans, economically and pragmatically, no matter where you are in the development cycle. Whether you’re looking to comply with regulation, boost NOI, obtain LEED certification, or increase your GRESB score – take the first step to see if solar makes sense for your property.

Get immediate solar costs and performance estimates

With just an address and a few basic building details, Lumen can tell you whether rooftop solar is likely to be financially and operationally viable at your property. Our preliminary feasibility reports are powered by the latest market and policy data and include critical metrics like estimated solar system size, electricity generation, and avoided CO2 emissions. All backed by a rigorous, downloadable solar cash flow XLS model.

Go deeper with investment-grade financial pro-formas

If the preliminary assessment seems promising, you can share architectural drawings and energy data to get a more thorough analysis of the solar opportunity at your property. Lumen will provide a remote solar design, an investment-grade solar cash flow XLS model, and a side-by-side comparison of financing options – from cash and loans to PPA and community solar.

Choose from competitive financing offers and installation bids

When you’re ready to move forward, tap into Lumen’s marketplace of solar financing providers and 150+ vetted solar installers to execute financing and installation nationwide. Easily compare providers and options – project costs, IRRs, NOI potential and more at a glance. Lumen has already laid the groundwork; all you need to do is choose the provider that works best for your business.

Easy. Rigorous. Consistent.

What’s not to love about new NOI? Rinse and repeat for every development property.

Preliminary or investment-grade solar feasibility assessments in < 3 days

One consistent solar financial model for every property

Competitive financing offers and installation bids in < 30 days

Finally, solar without the suffering.

Success Story

The Dupree Building

Bridge Office is a premiere real estate investment manager that owns and operates >12 million square feet of commercial office space across the U.S. Bridge partnered with Lumen to assess the solar feasibility of 82 properties nationwide and identify the most promising candidates for solar. Lumen honed in on the Dupree Building in Atlanta and got solar up and running there in 2023.