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Performance monitoring & ESG reporting

Seamless asset management

Manage your solar program with confidence.

Lumen’s Shine software enables you to make the most of your solar assets. Whether you’re looking to report your renewable energy generation to GRESB or monitor the real-time performance of your solar assets, Lumen has you covered.

One source of solar data for your entire portfolio

If you have solar projects scattered across the country, each with its own unique hardware and inverter, it can be painstaking to gather production and performance data. Lumen’s Shine product makes solar data collection easy. For legacy solar projects, we pull data using APIs from all major inverter types. For new solar projects, we recommend standardized inverters paired with a low-cost hardware device. Either way, we make the data for every property available to you in one secure platform.

Report to GRESB with ease

Have you conducted a solar feasibility assessment, only to find that the market changed beneath your feet? Lumen is here to help. Our solar feasibility assessments are live in software – always pulling in the latest market data, from energy consumption estimates and utility tariffs to tax incentives and policy. Whether you access your report today, tomorrow, or three months from now, you can be sure your solar assessments are up-to-date.

24/7 performance monitoring

If you invest in a solar project, you want to make sure it’s operating at peak performance. With Shine, you can verify your solar system’s performance in near-real time. That lets you identify the root cause of any underperformance quickly so you can reduce maintenance truck rolls from your operations and maintenance (O&M) provider.

Data to support tenant billing & third-party audits

Solar production varies daily and monthly based on system performance, weather patterns, and the seasons. Shine allows you to rigorously track your systems’ solar production, so you can confidently bill tenants for the precise amount of solar generated and back it up with auditable data.

Ready to see the solar potential across your portfolio?