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For Asset Management & Procurement Teams

Unlock new NOI from solar
with unmatched ease.

Lumen makes it easy.

Lumen makes it easy for asset management and procurement teams to execute solar projects across the country. For every asset type in every geography, we help you discover your highest value projects, match you with financing and installation partners, and report your solar successes to GRESB.

Feasibility assessments at your fingertips

Lumen’s unique technology can run an automated analysis of the solar and battery feasibility of any property in the U.S. Let us deal with all the data—parcel and geospatial data, LIDAR roof area, building details, energy load profiles, utility tariffs, equipment costs, tax incentives and governmental policies—so you can simply answer the question: Does solar make sense on this property?

Compare IRRs and NOI across financing types

Curious whether a cash purchase, loan, PPA or community solar would maximize your economics? Lumen underwrites all financing options, so you can easily compare them side-by-side to determine what makes sense for your property. As always – our analysis is backed by a rigorous cash flow model that you can download in XLS.

Fast-track your solar financing with industry-leading providers

When you choose to execute solar projects with Lumen, you have seamless access to third party financing: loans, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and community solar offers from leading providers. Their terms are pre-underwritten in Lumen’s software and transparently available for you to evaluate, compare, and choose from.

Access a network of pre-qualified EPCs nationwide

Solar is a local business. Lumen has vetted more than 150 engineering, procurement, and construction firms (EPCs) in every state across the country, so you don’t have to. EPCs in the Lumen network are deeply experienced in the commercial and industrial segments, have expertise in installing systems ranging from <100 kW to 1 MW+, and have local market knowledge that makes them highly effective in executing projects. If you already have a preferred EPC partner, they can be added to Lumen’s network.

Set up for scale

If you’ve spent months upon months getting one solar project executed, only to feel like you’re starting from zero on the next one, you’re not alone. When you partner with Lumen, your unique financial modeling and business assumptions can be applied instantly to all future projects, allowing you to build momentum and scale your solar program with ease.

Report to GRESB with ease

Lumen helps you aggregate near-real-time clean energy production and CO2 emissions data and compare it to your local grid, based on data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We accurately map your energy data to GRESB, EnergyStar, and other ESG performance standards to streamline your solar reporting.

Easy. Rigorous. Consistent.

What’s not to love about new NOI? Rinse and repeat for every property.

Investment-grade solar feasibility assessments in < 3 days

Competitive financing offers and installation bids in < 30 days

Report to GRESB with ease

Lumen is our trusted clean energy partner. What sets Lumen apart is a singular focus on optimizing value for the building owner. And critically for us, Lumen is agnostic to capital structure – if we want to self-finance, take on CPACE debt, or get third party PPAs – Lumen’s platform allows us to advance our clean energy strategy with speed and confidence.

Adam Slakman

Vice President, Global ESG at Hines

Finally, solar without the suffering.