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For ESG Teams

Get a comprehensive solar feasibility
assessment of every building in your
portfolio with unmatched ease.

Lumen makes it easy.

Lumen makes it easy for ESG teams to get a rigorous solar feasibility assessment across an entire real estate portfolio. Whether your company has made a net-zero commitment or is just starting its sustainability journey, you can empower asset management and property management teams with the information they need to take action on solar where it aligns with their strategy.

Get answers for every property nationwide

With just an address list, Lumen’s unique technology can run an automated analysis of the solar and battery feasibility of any property in the U.S. Let us deal with all the data—parcel and geospatial data, LIDAR roof area, building details, energy load profiles, utility tariffs, equipment costs, tax incentives and governmental policies—so you can immediately answer the question: Does solar make sense on this property?

Results in less than 10 days

It’s true. Whether you have 300 properties or 3,000, Lumen will get you a solar feasibility assessment for all of them in under 10 days. Our reports are backed by a rigorous cash flow model that you can download yourself in XLS. Search for one specific property or compare solar projects across your portfolio to discover the ones with the most promise. Either way, the answers will be at your fingertips. Go ahead, jump for joy.

Assessments that never go stale

Have you conducted a solar feasibility assessment, only to find that the market changed beneath your feet? Lumen is here to help. Our solar feasibility assessments are live in software – always pulling in the latest market data, from energy consumption estimates and utility tariffs to tax incentives and policy. Whether you access your report today, tomorrow, or three months from now, you can be sure your solar assessments are up-to-date.

Worried about energy data? Don’t be!

Lumen’s solar feasibility assessments are based on estimated building energy load profiles. We partner with multiple U.S. National Labs, such as NREL, that use supercomputers to generate physics-based models of each commercial building’s hourly energy use, and then validate those models with millions of anonymized profiles supplied by utilities. We’re also experienced in collecting historical energy data directly from tenants, utilities, and third-party service providers, including Conservice, Engie, and Aquicore.

Be a net-zero hero

We start by estimating the current electricity usage and CO2 emissions for every single property, automatically accounting for building age, climate zone, and use case. Then we show you the potential impact that solar would have on your electricity use and CO2 footprint. Once solar is deployed, we partner with GRESB, EnergyStar, and other ESG performance standards to streamline your solar reporting.

Empower your Asset Management teams to execute

Lumen’s solar feasibility assessments include a side-by-side comparison of financing options unique to every property, from cash and loans to PPA and community solar. When your asset management or property management teams are ready to move forward, they can tap into Lumen’s marketplace of solar financing providers and 150+ vetted solar installers to execute financing and installations nationwide.

Easy. Rigorous. Consistent.

The first step in the solar journey is finding out where solar makes sense. Set your Asset Management teams up for success so they can execute on solar everywhere it aligns with their strategy.

 Comprehensive solar feasibility assessment in less than 10 days

Estimated energy use and CO2 reduction for every property

One consistent solar financial model for entire portfolio

Lumen is our trusted clean energy partner. What sets Lumen apart is a singular focus on optimizing value for the building owner. And critically for us, Lumen is agnostic to capital structure – if we want to self-finance, take on CPACE debt, or get third party PPAs – Lumen’s platform allows us to advance our clean energy strategy with speed and confidence.

Adam Slakman

Vice President, Global ESG at Hines

Finally, solar without the suffering.