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Bridge office brings solar vision to life with Dupree project

2,947 Metric Tons

Lifetime C02 Offset

174,694 kWh

Annual Solar Production

140 kW

System Size

Bridge Office is a premiere real estate investment manager that owns and operates more than 12 million square feet of commercial office space across the US. Bridge partnered with Lumen Energy to assess the solar feasibility of Bridge’s 82 office properties nationwide and hone in on the ones with the most economic potential. Lumen identified the Dupree office building in Atlanta as an excellent candidate, so Lumen ran it through their Act marketplace, received competitive bids, got the panels installed, and are now billing for solar via their Shine platform. The Dupree project is a triple victory: a win for Bridge’s tenants, investors, and the environment.


Though commercial rooftop solar costs have fallen 69%* over the past decade, solar installations have remained low due to cumbersome data collection, disparate state-specific incentives, financing complexities, and an opaque marketplace of solar vendors. Bridge needed a partner to guide them in determining where solar made financial sense across their diverse portfolio, how to most effectively finance the projects, and ultimately how to track their ESG impact. *According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Bridge Office engaged Lumen Energy as their solar partner. Lumen’s Select technology rapidly evaluated the solar potential of Bridge’s portfolio of 82 office buildings, recommending the financially optimal solar and battery combination for each property. Bridge and Lumen then worked together to prioritize amongst the options. The Dupree property made the short list. Aligned with their desired financing strategy, Lumen presented Bridge with a compelling opportunity to reduce the electricity bill with a fully financed, $0 capex power purchase agreement (PPA). Once the project was approved, Lumen solicited competitive installation bids from its Act marketplace of solar engineering, procurement and construction firms (EPCs), and a winning EPC was selected.


On October 17, 2023, the 140 kW solar system roared to life at The Dupree office building in Atlanta. Today, Bridge Office uses Lumen’s Shine platform to accurately bill its tenants and monitor the building’s solar production and reduction in CO2 emissions.

Bridge Office is now in the process of executing solar projects across the country in partnership with Lumen Energy.

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