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Your green upgrade, simplified

Looking to elevate your property with green enhancements but wary of upfront costs? With CPACE financing, you can make those sustainable strides without feeling the financial pinch.


Think of CPACE as a helping hand to push forward your sustainable initiatives. It's a financing structure letting you borrow for energy enhancements. Instead of regular loan repayments, costs are smoothly spread out over time as an addition to your property tax bill. It’s your ticket to energy improvements today, paid comfortably over time.

Why choose CPACE through Lumen?

Kickstart without capital

Begin your clean energy transition without dishing out big bucks upfront. Your energy savings can cover your improvements.

Predictable payments

No surprises here. Benefit from a steady, fixed-rate financing, stretched to match your upgrade's life expectancy.

Property value on the rise

Watch your building’s worth climb! Energy enhancements can jazz up its market value, making it more appealing to potential tenants or buyers.

Stay in line with green rules

Meet local and national energy mandates effortlessly. Show the world you’re serious about going green.

Finance your clean energy transition with CPACE loans