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A clean energy transition with AutoPPA™

Dive into a brighter, more sustainable future without the financial baggage. AutoPPA™ is your ticket to effortless sustainability and immediate savings.

What is AutoPPA™ exactly?

Think of AutoPPA™ as a simple deal: You get clean, sustainable energy for your property without the need for any upfront costs. This is powered by automated Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – a fancy term for an arrangement where you simply pay for the energy you use, not the equipment that makes it.

Zero CapEx, maximum impact

Start your sustainable journey without any initial capital. Our AutoPPA™ focus on giving you clean energy without the upfront price tag.

Immediate savings

It's not just about clean vibes; it's about savvy savings. Notice your reduced utility energy bills from the get-go.

Smooth and simple

No more energy jargon or complexities. With AutoPPA™, the transition to clean energy is a breeze.

Green badge of honor

Signing up for an AutoPPA™ sends a strong message: you're investing in a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

Customizable options

From Owner PPAs to Tenant PPAs with a site lease, our AutoPPA™ caters to diverse needs. Your building, your choice.


Simple, transparent, hassle-free

Step one

Get AutoPPA™

Prepare the final checklist with easy forms for building condition, hold period, tenant information (if relevant), and share digital designs with facilities teams.

Step two

Refine details

Review your property list for an initial analysis of your portfolio. For properties you would like to consider further, easily connect energy data online to refine your savings results.

Step three

Align on terms

Your solar investor will provide you a term sheet with your terms and pricing. We’ll help you carefully review the terms and engage with your tenants to bring them along for the ride.

Step four

Sign PPA

Sign a PPA with your solar investor. Once signed, you’re ready to go solar! Our team will work with you to get the construction team access to your property.

Step five

Clean energy!

Be solar powered, have batteries for energy storage, write a press release, brag to your friends, get energized by the sun.

New Financing Solution

Get free AutoPPA™ to cut carbon profitably for all your buildings

Lumen Energy provides personalized power purchase agreements – at $0 upfront cost – across your entire portfolio. Automated, efficient, and tailored to you.

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