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Drive your clean energy journey with self-financing

Harness the power of your own capital to lead the charge towards a sustainable tomorrow. With self-financing, you’re in the driver's seat, mapping out a path to a greener future on your terms.

Why self-finance?

Self-financing gives you unparalleled autonomy. In essence, you're using your own funds to invest directly in clean energy solutions, giving you complete ownership from day one. No middlemen, no waiting periods — just your vision fueling a cleaner future.

Full ownership from Day 1

From the first panel to the last, every bit of your clean energy setup belongs to you.

Maximized financial returns

By sidestepping third-party financing fees, every ounce of savings lands directly in your pocket.

Complete control

With self-financing, every decision – from equipment choices to maintenance timelines – rests entirely with you.

Tailored solutions

Your investment, your rules. Customize your clean energy system to reflect your property's unique needs.

Invest in your CRE clean energy transition